Hello And Welcome to 1108 Entertainment

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Here at 1108 Entertainment we are more than just a business we are a family thriving to keep you, our fans and partners happy with the business we provide, whether it's our music or apparel wear, it is in our best interest to set the future trends to come worldwide that everyone can enjoy no matter what age.

Here are just a few interesting facts about 1108 Entertainment

“Did you Know 1108 Entertainment was Created from a home address?

Well it all started with an engaged couple who both were surrounded by the music life, Raven Johnson at the time worked at a night club as a Bartender in the city of Atlanta who had an idea about getting her fiance Diaontray Cornell Back into music who was a Construction Superintendent at the time, Diaontray had completely given up as a music producer in the past. One day Raven Buys a Home studio set up for the two to make instrumentals and record artist but there was only one problem with that, they didn't have any artist to record, so Raven than implied why don't you be the first artist to start the business off . Now known as Cornell Da G, it was time to come up with a company name, which many names were thought about but only stud for a one track business, they needed something that will be versatile for everyones enjoyment, thats when it hit the two, why don't they just use the address where they live, well the numbers anyway. So March 16th 2016 1108 Entertainment was born legally documented and recorded for business in the city of Atlanta

President and CEO Raven Cornell

Raven Cornell originally Maiden name Raven B. Johnson was born 9/11/1989 in Wilmington Delaware to Gilbert M. Johnson and Gonzaleta Louise Carter. In the mid 90's her parents decided to move to Atlanta Ga for a change of scenery. Now in a strange, different place Raven had to adapt to, she chose dance as a way of expressing her feelings such as Classical, Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern until she got a taste of crunk music, that changed her whole world where she would try ti infuse the both worlds together. Ravens heart was becoming more drawn to music as an outlet of her feelings, by her College Years she picked up a bartender job where she would meet serval hip hop and R&B celebrities bringing her closer and closer to the urban culture, it is also how she met her husband as he had performed one of his songs at her job one night. Now with the love for Music and it's trending culture of different brands Raven was eager to start her own empire from scratch, so with the business knowledge that she and her husband had obtained over the year 1108 Entertainment was underway. By March 16th 2016 1108 Entertainment was born for the world to enjoy.


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