Cornell Da G

Vice President and CEO

Cornell Da G AKA Diaontray Cornell Sr son of Wilmer Cornell and Crystal Willis was Born in Pomona Ca July 20th Moved to Texas when he was young than eventually found himself in the city of Atlanta Ga when he was 15 years old, not coming from such a well off background Cornell took to the streets for a second home, where it wasn't always positive. In and out of Juvenile as a kid stealing cars, armed robberies and selling drugs trying to survive had been the only thing he knew at the moment, but still manage to put himself through school. By 22 Cornell was going to the Fulton County Jail and Pre-trial Detention center, not for major crimes but for petty ones to where the charges would be sealed from his record giving him another chance in life. Cornell Knew he had to change or he would end up behind bars for a very long time, so he chose music to tell his story and also getting a job becoming a part of society. Choosing the construction field where he would work his way to a project superintendent position would help him make enough money to invest in what he loves, music. Along the way he met his wife Raven Johnson now Raven Cornell, together the duo put their dreams to work by starting 1108 Entertainment March 16th 2016, by 2019 the two will make history.


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