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I'm a Cornell Da G who's real name is Diaontray Cornell was originaly born in Pomona California but raised in Atlanta GA also spending some time in El Paso Texas in his life. His passion for music didn't began until he heard outkast first release Players Ball, while growing up in the projects of Atl on the struggle of government assistance Cornell realizing he wanted more out of life than what was being offered to him, so he turned to the streets for the answer after being arrested several times he searched for another route by the age of 24 he began his journey in music learning how to play the keyboard by ear and started to make beats for friends in the neighborhood by 25 he purchased a home studio and started recording artists, after so many failed attempts to try to enter the music industry he had almost given up until a friend explained to him, you have to study the game before jumping out there head first.
So that led to meeting people who already had there foot in the industry like Raheem the Dream, Kilo, Hit Man Sammy Sam and many more, by 2016 he has already worked with Young Ralph, The Eastside Boys, Project Boys and more, Started His own label called 1108 Entertainment inspired by some of the greatest entrepreneurs like T.I., Master P, Ludacris, Jay Z, Cornell wanted to build his own Brand and set goals for his team by 2018 the mission began with mixtapes and single digital releases online and social media marketing to get his business off the ground floor. Already receiving royalties for streams and sales has him even more eager to become more aggressive in his business adventure for long term success.

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Fuck it up Cornell Da G
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